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Technical Q & A
Title:Purchase welding machine
Content:Is the deep penetration welding machine sold by your company fully imported?

Yes, our company is the exclusive agent set up by Australian k-tig company in China. The whole set of products are imported by Australian k-tig company with original packaging.

Title:Purchase welding machine
Content:Is it possible to equip the cold water tank and display screen independently without purchasing them?

As the agent of Australian k-tig company in China, our company implements the Australian sales policy and imports a full set of equipment. In order to ensure the reliability of the whole set of products, we do not sell them separately.

Title:Purchase welding machine
Content:Our products are mainly 6-8mm carbon steel. Can your welder achieve one-time penetration? Can you make a complete set of automatic welding system?

Our deep penetration welding machine can fully realize one-time penetration of 6-8mm carbon steel, and ensure good surface forming and welding quality. At the same time, our company has strong automatic welding system integration ability, and provides customers with complete automatic welding solutions and turnkey projects.

Title:About proofing
Content:Can you proofing?

Yes, if you need proofing, you can contact our company directly, and someone will contact you to arrange product proofing.

Title:About welding process
Content:How stable is your deep penetration welding machine for welding carbon steel?

Australian k-tig deep penetration welding machine represented by our company is especially suitable for the welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel base alloy and titanium alloy. The welding process is stable, especially the back shape is good! Our company has successfully overcome the problems of unstable welding formation and uneven back penetration of carbon steel, which are difficult to be solved by deep penetration welding at present. Welcome to our company for communication and proofing!

Title:After-sale service
Content:How to ensure after-sales service?

K-tig Australia has a permanent technical support representative in China to ensure timely after-sales service for customers.

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