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K-tig welding of 6.4mm thick titanium alloy plate
6mm thick 304 stainless steel plate robot automatic k-tig welding
K-tig welding gun 1000A high current test
K-tig welding of 304 stainless steel pipe with diameter of 250mm and wall thickness of 9.5mm
K-tig welding of 9.5mm thick stainless steel pipe
Horizontal welding position of 9.5mm thick stainless steel pipe (k-tig welding)

K-TIG points of difference

1.K-TIG is an Australian owned manufacturer of a patented, high quality, high productivity and repeatable welding technology known as Keyhole TIG.

2.K-TIG is an advanced GTAW technology that reduces multi-hour welds to just minutes whilst retaining the sort after high quality of conventional TIG processes.  

3.In addition to speed advantages the K-TIG technology significantly reduces power, gas consumption and labour costs.

4.K-TIG meets the most demanding requirements of the Nuclear, Aerospace  industries.


K-TIG applications

Flexible, suitable for a wide variety of materials and applications. Able to perform high quality welding with:

· Stainless steel

· Duplex

· Super duplex

· Reactive metals 

· Super alloys

· Carbon steels 

· low temperature carbon steel and heat resistant steel



What does it look like? | comparison

The comparison to conventional TIG welding at a macrographic level is easy to define the difference in weld quality


K-TIG application field

It has been successfully applied in many fields, such as pipeline, storage tank, pressure vessel, aerospace, nuclear industry, pharmacy, chemical industry, food and beverage, filtration and water treatment, military, power generation, shipbuilding and so on.

Where we are?| locations

K-TIG currently has offices in 3 continents and have distributors in more than 10 countries

In 2022, K-TIG entered the Chinese market, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Guanglian Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and authorized Jiangsu Guanglian as the general agent in China.

K-TIG official website:
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