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Side beam series welding tooling
Classification:Side beam series welding tooling
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The side beam series tooling is mainly used to complete the circumferential seam or straight seam welding of the cylinder workpiece. It has the characteristics of small floor area and convenient lifting of the workpiece. Generally, it must be connected with the turntable and the workpiece support frame. Tooling or roller frame shall be used together. It is not recommended to use this equipment for workpieces with hanging wall thickness. The commonly used welding process methods are MIG / MAG or paw, TIG and saw. It is suitable for longitudinal seam welding of stainless steel welded pipes, containers and tanks.

Performance characteristics

1. It is mainly used for straight seam welding of large-diameter pipes, cylinders and other workpieces.

2. The circumferential seam welding of workpieces can be realized by combining the roller frame, head frame and other tooling.

3. applicable to welding of carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials.

4. according to the welding process requirements, the welding process methods of paw, TIG and MIG / MAG can be selected.

5. The specific floor area is small and the workpiece lifting is convenient.

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