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Positioner series welding tooling
Classification:Positioner series welding tooling
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The positioner series welding tooling can be used for various automatic welding or manual welding to realize various welding methods such as pipe butt welding, pipe end welding, various shafts, plates and cylinders. It has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, light weight and convenient operation. It is an ideal welding auxiliary equipment for pressure vessel, metallurgy, electric power, chemical machinery, metal structure and other industries. According to the use, it can be divided into tilting type positioner and lifting "L" type positioner.

Performance characteristics

 The basic methods of manual welding positioner commonly used are outrigger type, tilting rotary type and double column single rotary type.

1. Frequency converter is selected for stepless speed regulation, with wide speed regulation range, high accuracy and large starting torque.

2. The specially designed grooved steel core rubber surface roller has large friction, long service life and strong bearing capacity.

3. Combined box type base, with large rigidity and strong bearing capacity.

4. The manufacturing process is advanced, the straightness and parallelism of each shaft hole are good, and the workpiece displacement caused by insufficient manufacturing accuracy is greatly reduced. 

5. The welding positioner automatically adjusts the angle of the roller support according to the diameter of the workpiece, and is satisfied with the support and rotation drive of the workpiece with different diameters. Types of commonly used welding positioners.

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