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Operator series welding tooling
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The operating machine series tooling is one of the main process equipment for automatic welding of boilers, pressure vessels, pipes and metal structures. It can form an automatic welding system together with roller frames, positioners, turnover machines, etc., and can be used for various occasions such as internal and external longitudinal circumferential welding of pressure vessels or large-diameter pipes, butt welding of spherical heads, and surfacing of cylinders and inner walls of heads. Can be matched with paw, TIG, MIG / MAG welding process.

Performance characteristics

1. modular design, can be quickly and conveniently combined into the required welding system according to customer requirements.

2. suitable for longitudinal seam, circumferential seam and other structural forms of various types of workpieces

3. according to the structural requirements of the workpiece, the welding process methods of paw, TIG, hot wire TIG and MIG / MAG can be selected.

4. applicable to welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and other materials

5. can be customized according to the requirements of the user's workpiece structure.

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