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Roller frame series welding tooling
Classification:Roller frame series welding tooling
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Roller frame series products are widely used for automatic welding of metal circular structure circumferential welds, and are one of the necessary special equipment for automatic welding of various pressure vessels. This product has the advantages of reliable quality, advanced performance and simple operation.

Performance characteristics

The roller frame is divided into adjustable type and self-adjusting type. The base and roller seat are welded structural parts, which can effectively remove the welding internal stress and prevent deformation; For the workpieces within the diameter range, the wrap angle of the two rollers on the cylinder ensures that the workpieces run smoothly, safely and reliably. The increase of the width of the rollers effectively reduces the possibility of plastic deformation on the surface of the workpieces, especially the thin-walled cylinder; The drive motor can ensure that the system can run smoothly at low speed; The reducer is a multi-stage gear reducer with large output torque; The circumferential speed of the roller is stable and uniform;

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